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Common Banner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Written by Elisha Yvonne Velasco    ●    Published on January 3, 2023

signs and banners in a busy street

Banners are a great advertising tool to promote one's business. To get your name out there and make a good and lasting impression on customers, it's important to avoid errors because these can break your campaign. Here's a list of common banner mistakes and how to fix them, so your banners come out perfect and polished every time:

Design Mistakes

Using the Wrong Colors

While a good copy and design are essential in a banner, your banners won’t be effective if you choose the wrong colors. Aside from them affecting the readability of your banner, they can also send the wrong message as colors evoke different types of emotions and feelings.

To prevent this from happening, pick a color scheme that will not blend with the surroundings. You can also use color psychology to determine which colors will best represent your brand and grab the attention of passersby.

Design Clutter

Some signs and banners have way too much going on. Keep your text and design elements simple and straightforward by limiting the number of words in your sign. Keep in mind that people will only have a few seconds to read your banner, so make your message short and simple.

Not Including Contact Information

The goal of printing banners is to create more leads. Not putting your contact details in the banner will defeat its purpose. To avoid this from happening, make sure to provide opportunities for readers to reach out to your brand by including a call-to-action statement and contact information like a telephone number, e-mail address, and social media handle.

Confusing an Image With a Logo

A logo should be easy and simple to decipher that its shape can still be recognized even if your eyes are squinted. Logos are an organization’s official symbol. Any picture that is associated with your business (a picture of a person, place, etc.) that is used as a “logo,” is considered as a brand asset than a logo. You can invest in a professional graphic designer to create your logo, and get the opinion of other people to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the design.

Typographical Errors

Misspellings may appear to be harmless at first, but seeing them on your sign can leave a negative impression of your brand. Having typos can also reflect that your business has poor attention to detail and lacks professionalism.

Typos and misspellings can cost you a lot of money as is because of the need to reprint — even more so if they have different insinuations. Don’t make the same mistake as some of the world’s most expensive typos. To keep this from happening (and from spending a huge amount on damage control), make sure that your copy is checked by an editor or reviewed by two or three people.

Disproportionate Sizing

If your font is too small for the size of your banner, it’s very likely that it can’t be read even from a distance. Make sure to choose the right font type and font size, and take advantage of the negative space in between letters so that your banners are legible.

Printing Mistakes

Using the Wrong Material

Having a good design and using the right colors isn’t enough to make your banners effective. If you choose the wrong material and your banner is exposed to harsh elements, it might be prone to peeling or fading over time. Remember to do your research, ensure that your banner is appropriate to the location and situation, and read the product description carefully before sending an order.

Edges Are Cut Off

Sometimes, even if you’ve thought of all the design elements in your banner and made every effort for it to be attractive, your design can still get ruined after printing. When edges are cut off, it means that the bleed or trim is incorrect. To ensure that there are no mishaps during printing, we recommend using guideline templates. These templates indicate the bleed, trim, and safety specifications in various applications, so you won’t have any pre-press problems and have your order in no time.

Incorrect Color Model

If your files are saved in RGB color mode, the colors of your design will become inaccurate. That is because RGB color mode is only applicable to digital screens and not physical prints. All offset printing presses use a four-color process to print pictures and images, which is why CMYK is the correct color mode. For your banners to turn out the way you expect them to be, save your files in CMYK color code. At, we have a CMYK color guide that you can refer to ensure accuracy in the colors for your design.

Banners may be affordable and effective but any mistake found on them can instantly ruin your campaign and cost you money. It is why it's important to always proof your design before proceeding to print. Banner and signages that are error-free will not only prevent additional expenses, but will leave the impression that your business is professional and worth checking out.

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