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EDDM Postcards

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  • Available in 4 popular sizes
  • All sizes and stocks are USPS approved
  • Free File check to make sure it's EDDM® ready
  • Option for bundling in sets of 100
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Reach Thousands of Homes With Every Door Direct Mail®

Growing your business just got easier with Every Door Direct Mail.

You can now print your promotional postcards at, then sit back and relax as you save yourself plenty of time and money!

This service by USPS allows you to target local neighborhoods based on demographics like average age, income, or household size that fit your target market. It’s awesome and affordable for small businesses, local organizations, and those who simply don’t have enough time or the budget for a mailing campaign.

Here’s why you should choose EDDM printing:
  • No need for mailing lists. USPS offers a mapping tool where you can provide your target street, ZIP code, or city. After, it will provide you the available routes where you can send your postcards.

  • It’s cheaper! EDDM costs about 18¢ per piece. That’s a fraction of the cost of standard or First-Class® postage, which costs around 44¢ per piece.

  • It’s easy to reach out to local communities. For smaller businesses, EDDM allows you to promote your products and services to nearby neighborhoods that may benefit from it. It’s one of the easiest ways to attract more foot to your stores.

  • Flexible mailing options. EDDM postcard printing offers different sizes and materials to suit your purpose and budget.
Gary D. Monster and the rest of the print geeks at are here to make sure your postcards are EDDM-ready. Our postcard printing services also include free file templates on Create48, our easy-to-use online design tool for awesome postcards that stand out from the rest of the mail. We can also bundle and shrink-wrap your EDDM postcards to the required batches of 100 pieces (with slip-sheet separation)—ready for post office drop-off.

Get Started With EDDM Today

Here’s a step-by-step checklist to prepare your EDDM postcards.

  • 1. Design, order, and print your EDDM-ready postcards with Use the order calculator to select the size, material, quantity, and printing turnaround time.

  • 2. Since you don’t need a mailing list, the postcards will simply be addressed to “Postal Customer”. However, you must include a postal Indicia, which takes the place of a stamp. For your convenience, we can add the Indicia for you. Be sure to indicate that selection in the order calculator. Below is how the EDDM address notation should look.

  • 3. Review your order, get a free digital proof, and confirm your payment. We will notify you once your postcards have shipped and are on their way to you.

  • 4. Now you can visit the EDDM Online tool on the USPS website. Log in with your existing account or create a new one. From there you can enter your target location and select the mailing routes. After reviewing your selection, you can save this or continue in the process.

  • 5. Choose your payment type and the date when you will drop off the postcards at your local USPS.

  • 6. Once you have received your postcards from, you can prepare the required documents for mailing: your post office listing, EDDM Retail Form with the list of routes, and facing slips that indicate the number of mail pieces or postcards sent out for every bundle of 50 or 100.

  • 7. Bring the mail pieces to your local post office and pay the fees.

Call us at 800-844-0599 and we’ll answer any question that you may have about EDDM printing.

Grow your business starting today. Print your EDDM postcards with

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between EDDM and direct mail?
A: Both EDDM and direct mail are forms of mail advertising. EDDM receivers are based on location, ZIP code, or city, and you do not need to purchase a mailing list. Its goal is to reach as many people as possible in one specific location.

Direct mail on the hand, is a more targeted approach to a list of recipients that may not necessarily be in one neighborhood. The goal is to reach a more specific audience. In business, EDDM is convenient for acquiring customers, while direct mail is more commonly used for customer retention.

Q: What are the most popular postcard sizes for EDDM?
A: Size 6.5” x 9” is one of the most popular sizes for Every Door Direct Mail. It’s compact and usually used to communicate special sales and discounts. If you want to make a big impression, size 8.5” x 11” postcards are EDDM-ready and provide more space for your message. They work best to introduce your business for the first time because they will stand out from the mail.

Q: What is the difference between 14 pt. cardstock and 16 pt. cardstock?
A: Both postcard materials are durable, but the 16 pt. cardstock is slightly thicker than the other. Our 14 pt. cardstock is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and can be coated with gloss, matte, or high-gloss UV finish, which provide some added protection.

Since your postcards will be sent through the mail, we highly recommend choosing 16 pt. glossy or matte cardstock. Its added thickness will protect your postcards from getting creased during the mailing process.

Q: What is "trim", "safe zone", and "bleed"?
A: These are popular printing terms to help you adjust your designs according to our printing guidelines.

“Trim” indicates the full, finished size of your prints. Anything outside the area, as the name suggests, will be trimmed off.

The “safe zone” is inside the trim. All the vital information and design of your postcards should be within the safe zone.

The “bleed” is the extra material that will be trimmed off. It goes beyond the edge of the trim so that you provide the printer some extra space for movement.

Q: What are your file requirements for uploading?
A: You can take note of our file checklist below so your order will be sent to printing as soon as possible.
  • Save and upload files in PDF. We also accept other formats: PSD, JPG, PNG, TIF, EPS, AI, DOC, DOCX, PUB, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, and CSV files.

  • Set your color setting to CMYK for accuracy.

  • Images should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

  • Include all your important information and design within the safety zone.

  • Check your content for any grammatical or spelling errors.

Additonal Resources:

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: