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Colleen Cabili

Colleen is a content marketer with over five years of experience crafting copy for several brands from different industries. She is always game to explore new activities, but her main interests are rock climbing and weightlifting.

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How to Dominate Weekend Markets With Vinyl Banners
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Advertisement design takes a lot of time and effort to ensure maximum effectiveness. How can you make yours stand out with the number of billboards and banners nowadays? We list practical banner design tips to help your brand grab the public’s attention and stay ahead of the competition.

Tips to Get Your Retractable Banner Design Ideas Flowing
Be the star of your next trade show or conference with a custom roll-up banner. This article lists the reasons you need to add pop-up banners to your promotional kit, as well as tips to help you develop eye-catching retractable banner design ideas.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Outdoor Signage
Planning to put up an outdoor signage? This comprehensive guide by 48HourPrint has everything you need to know to create the best outdoor sign for your business. Get to know the factors to consider and the different options to choose from!