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Free School Sign Templates

Capture the attention of both pupils and the public with these customizable banner design templates for different types of school signs!

A+ Custom Signs for Schools and Universities

Schools are just one of the many public institutions where the presence of signages is important for several reasons. It doesn’t matter which age group dominates the school population – preschools, primary schools, community colleges, universities, and even daycare centers can greatly benefit from having different types of high-quality signs in their vicinities.

Safety and directional signages are just one example. It should be easy for students and the staff to find the school clinic, evacuation areas, and even fire exits in case of emergencies.

Signages that promote discipline are also important. Just like safety signs, signs that remind students to avoid running in hallways, wash hands after using the bathroom, and keep the volume low should be highly visible.

Custom school signs can also be used to boost the school’s reputation. Congratulatory messages for successful alumni, satisfactory inspection scores, and high passing rates are an effective way to make parents and guardians feel that their children are in a trustworthy and excellent environment. Meanwhile, signs placed on historic buildings and monuments can be used to inform guests about the school’s pedigree and, at the same time, promote the institution’s credibility.

We offer several types of custom school signs for every purpose. For rush orders, customize any of our ready-made school sign templates. Once you’ve picked a design, click on the thumbnail to be redirected to our online design tool. Alternatively, you can also use our design tool to create a custom artwork that fits your school’s brand identity from scratch. We also have free, downloadable layout templates that you can edit with any design software.

We offer rush services even for bulk printing orders. Order more and enjoy huge discounts!

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