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Retractable Banners

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  • Choose between 13 oz. vinyl material or UV fabric
  • Ready in 48 hours
  • Banner assembled to a stand & comes with a frame
  • Includes free carrying case
Stand + 1 Banner (Single Sided)
Standard Retractable 33"
Front Only
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Be On the Go With Retractable Banners

Retractable banner printing is necessary for any convention, political campaign, trade show, or display. Retractable or pull-up banners retract to their protective base smoothly, allowing for compact storage and quick setup during indoor events. You may customize your banners with clear messaging and eye-catching designs to enhance brand awareness during trade shows.

Are you looking to enhance your booth and presentations with banners? 48HourPrint can turn your designs into reliable banners to help promote your business. Upload your artwork online, and we'll print your banners quickly. You'll also receive a free carrying case to help store, move, and preserve your banner for future use.

High-Quality Materials That Get the Job Done

Choose from Vinyl or Fabric Material

The retractable banners can be printed on two materials. Choose whether a vinyl banner or fabric banner suits your needs.
  • The smooth 13 oz. vinyl is durable, curl-resistant, and waterproof. It also has a high opacity that prevents the front from bleeding or showing on the light-blocking gray back.
  • The UV fabric material is lightweight and can display artwork in vibrant colors. The UV fabric is perfect for indoor use.

For Good Measure

Choose from three standard sizes that suit both vertically or horizontally oriented designs.
  • 23.5” x 79” is our longest and thinnest design. Recommended for banners meant to be read from top to bottom.

  • 33.5” x 79” is the most popular size among customers, providing ample width and a standout height. Ideal for a retractable pop-up banner with a large image and focused blocks of text.

  • 47” x 79” is our widest size, making it suitable for designs with text or visuals that are best read from left to right. It’s also recommended for retractable banners with several images and other visual elements.

How to Take Care of Your Retractable Banners

1. Proper Banner Takedown: Be cautious when returning the banner graphic to its aluminum base. To prevent damage, do not allow the banner to retract on its own. Instead, smoothly guide the banner as it retracts into its case.

2. Storage: When not in use, store your retractable banner inside its carrying case. Keep the banner in a cool, dry place to avoid wear and tear from humidity.

3. Banner Cleaning: Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean the banner. Instead, use a soft, damp cloth to remove stains and dirt. Also, ensure the banner is adequately dry before returning it to its aluminum base.

4. Avoid Harsh Environments: Do not expose the banners to intense sunlight or harsh outdoor weather. Place the banner inside shaded areas and prevent it from getting wet from the rain.

Assemble Your Roll-up Banner In 4 Steps

All pop-up banners are assembled to a durable, lightweight aluminum stand. Other parts such as the silver-colored header come in a bag for easy carrying and storage. Follow these four steps for a fast setup:

Clothes Hang Tags

1. Place the base on the ground. Rotate its feet by 30 degrees.

Clothes Hang Tags

2. Connect the poles then insert them in the slot found at the top area of the base.

Clothes Hang Tags

3. Lift the header bar then pull the banner up from the base. Make sure to pull it from an angle. You’ll find this easier than pulling it perpendicular to the ground.

Clothes Hang Tags

4. Insert the top header bar inside the slot at the end of the pole.

Retractable Banners - Frequently Asked Questions

How long do retractable banners last?
Our retractable banners, along with the stands and accessories, last at least five years with proper care and maintenance.

Can I use the banner outdoors? Any exceptions or restrictions?
Our retractable banners are recommended for indoor use. However, you may use the retractable banners outside in shaded areas. Also, remember to store it afterward and avoid exposing it to extreme outdoor weather.

Will my retractable banner fade, scratch, or wrinkle?
The retractable banners may be susceptible to fading, wrinkling, and damage if not properly maintained. To prevent these, avoid the following:

  • Avoid exposing the banner to direct sunlight for too long. This will cause the banner’s colors to fade.
  • Do not use hard, abrasive materials to clean your banner to avoid scratches and damage.
  • Do not abuse the banner’s retracting feature. Improper banner use and storage will cause the graphic to wrinkle or fluff.

How fast can you process my order?
We can print your retractable banners in 2-4 business days. This period is referred to as the printing turnaround time, which does not include shipping transit time, weekends, and holidays. The printing turnaround begins once you pay for your order and approve the proof.

Does my banner come with a stand?
Yes, our banners come with a durable yet lightweight aluminum stand.

Will the base of my retractable banner be easily damaged?
No. The aluminum base is built to protect and store your banner when it's not in use, so it's sturdy and durable. Just make sure to handle it with care to keep everything working smoothly.

What are the typical uses for retractable banners?
Retractable banners are typically used for trade shows, events, promotions, and programs to quickly grab attention and convey information. These can be installed near event booths, in front of conventions, or on the stage near the speaker's podium.

Are retractable banners and pop-up banners the same thing?
Not quite! While they're both used for promotions, retractable banners smoothly roll up into their base, while pop-up banners require assembly. Think of them as cousins in the banner family.

What is the difference between standard, premium, and deluxe retractable banners?
Standard banners are budget-friendly and great for short-term use. Deluxe banners offer a higher quality stand together with a 33” x 77” graphic size. Premium banners have a sleek and stealthy base with a bigger graphic size going up to 60” x 88”.

Can I change the graphics on a retractable banner?
Absolutely! You can change the graphics whenever you please. Update the graphics to match the theme of different events or to announce your latest product promotions.

Are retractable banners easy to move around?
Totally! These banners are lightweight and come with a convenient carrying case. No heavy lifting required.

What materials can my graphic be printed on? What are the differences and advantages of these materials?
We offer two material options for our retractable banners:
  • UV fabric – Vibrant and perfect for indoor use.
  • Smooth 13 oz. vinyl – Water-resistant and suitable for outdoor applications.

Can your retractable banners be double-sided?
Yes! Though we offer front side printing, you can actually put back-to-back banners on your stand!

How is my graphic attached to the retractable banner?
No magic tricks here, just smart design! Just pull your graphic up and clamp it on with a top rail. No disappearing acts – it'll stay firmly in place!

Is there anything over the top of the graphic to protect it?
Yes, most retractable banners come with a protective mechanism. When the banner is retracted into the base, it is usually covered and shielded from potential damage in transit and storage.

Can I reuse my retractable banner?
Yes! Depending on your banner design, you can reuse and redisplay your banners for each event or program you attend.

Are there any restrictions on the content or design for retractable banners?
We're all about creative freedom! Just remember to keep it classy and appropriate for all audiences.

Do you print your retractable banners in one color or full color?
Full color, all the way! Why settle for black and white when you can have a vibrant display that's Instagram-worthy? But if you’re a fan of monochrome, we respect that.

Can retractable banners be used with lighting or other accessories?
Glam it up! Your banner loves some accessories. Add some lighting to make it sparkle or attach stylish brochure holders for that extra wow factor.

Customize Our Free Banner Design Templates

Need some help with designing your banner? This shouldn’t be a problem with our wide selection of banner design templates. Personalize any of our templates to come up with your one-of-a-kind retractable banner design!

Design Templates by Category

To help you choose a design faster, we filtered our banner design templates by their most common applications.

Popular Banner Design Templates

Need some inspiration? Take a pick from our customer favorites to get started! You can edit these templates to suit your branding using our beginner-friendly design tool.

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See All Retractable Banner Design Templates Here

Design and Create Your Own Banner Within Minutes

Need help with designing you banner? For Retractable Banners, you can choose from our wide selection of banner design templates. These are all free and easy to customize! We have multiple filters for our banner templates to help you choose.

For our other custom retractable banners, you can use our intuitive online design tool. Here’s how:

  • Step 1. Choose a banner template that you want to customize.

  • Step 2. Start customizing your banner online. Type the text on the banner template and upload your photos, logo, or graphics.

  • Note: You can find the tools that you need for designing your banner on the Top Toolbar. Use them to crop your image, insert shapes and photos, add background color, and more.

    If you also want to use images that look more professional, you may access our image library without exiting the design tool. Here, you can purchase licensed stock images that you can use to perfect your banner.

  • Step 3. Click Preview, Save, and Proceed to Order once you’re done with the design.

  • Visit our design templates page now to check out our wide selection of ready-to-print banners design templates!

Retractable Banner Layout Templates

Begin your journey toward a reliable retractable banner by uploading your creative design. You can use our free layout templates to guide you with your artwork. The design templates come with margins for bleed and banner measurement, ensuring that your banner will come out the way you envisioned it. Once you’re done, upload it online and let 48HourPrint take care of the rest!