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Metallic Bookmarks

  • Capture the hearts and attention of readers
  • Shiny glimmer highlights text and graphics
  • Unlimited metallic colors and gradients offered
16 pt. Cardstock
Metallic on Front
1/8" (Standard)
6 Business Days
Coupon code LOVEMYMBMARK is applied.
Promo Price $601.82

Put the Sparkle Back Into Reading With Metallic Bookmarks

Get more people to open their books AND get to know your brand with metallic bookmarks. Create custom bookmarks with eye-catching metallic designs. These shiny accents highlight your important message or graphic when it catches the light.

Whether it’s a book launch, storybook themed party, or library event, these dazzling giveaways are sure to be a hit. Get prospects and clients back into the habit of reading while educating minds about your brand and company.

Get Enlightened

If you are curious about how the shine on these is achieved, it all boils down to these important layers:

  • Substrate. A thick and sturdy 16 pt. cardstock is used as the base.

  • Silver ink. Silver ink is applied onto the substrate.

  • CMYK. CMYK ink is printed on top of the silver ink.

The end result is a metallic finish that sparkles like real polished metal when it catches the light.

Tip: With this printing process, you can make any color turn metallic and even create gradients.

Increase Your (Bookmark) Vocabulary

Not yet metallic bookmark savvy? Don’t worry. Get yourself familiar with these four words, and you’re good to go:

  • Size – Custom metallic bookmarks are available in the popular 2" x 6" and the standard 2" x 3.5" and 2" x 4" sizes.

  • Spot UV – This clear high-gloss coating adds a brilliant shine to your bookmarks. It also offers a tactile feel and high-end impression.

  • Hole Drill: Metallic bookmarks come with a 1/8” hole on the top center if you want to add a tassel after printing.

    Note: Tassel and tassel application are not included.

  • Print Side: You can choose to print metallic accents on just one or both sides of your bookmarks. Using the space on the front and back lets you add more information.

Enhance Your Imagination

The shine from your premium metallic bookmarks is like a neon blinking light that directs readers to your message. Not only that, metallic bookmarks are:

  • Recognizable. Who hasn’t used a bookmark as a kid? The familiarity of this long strip of cardstock is sure to be warmly received by everyone when you hand them out.

  • Economical. Although these custom bookmarks scream decadence and bling, they are very affordable.  

  • Convenient. Since bookmarks are pretty compact, you can bring them anywhere without the hassle. They fit right into your bag or back pocket so anyone can carry one always.

Why not start on your metallic bookmark printing today. Create custom bookmarks however you want using our free downloadable templates. You can also find out how promotional bookmarks can help you strengthen your brand and voice.


Q: Can I use a different material for metallic bookmark printing?
A: We only offer 16 pt. cardstock because this is tried and tested to undergo the metallic ink printing process with glowing results.

Q: What is “printing turnaround time”?
A: “Printing turnaround” is the number of days we need to print your metallic bookmarks. It does not include holidays, weekends, and shipping transit time.

Q: What is spot UV?
A: This is a high-gloss clear coating on selected areas of your bookmark. This adds more shine and texture to your bookmarks’ design.

Metallic Bookmarks

Click the size of our metallic bookmark below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size. Includes both horizontal and vertical orientation.