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Large Format Posters

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  • Available in a semi or high-gloss finish
  • High-resolution photo quality in all sizes
  • 1-day printing turnaround guarantee
Full Color Front, Blank Back
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Large Format Posters

When it comes to major announcements like a store opening or establishing your brand at a trade show, you need a large poster that consumers will immediately notice. Large poster printing can instantly captivate and sustain your customer’s attention with high-resolution quality and vivid colors.

With large posters, you have more freedom to promote in various locations. You can post your ads and announcements in areas with high foot traffic, busy locations, and commercial centers. You can print high-resolution images of your products or campaigns to bring life to store interiors. Bigger posters ensure your message is seen even from 20 feet away, so if you need to say something important—print it on a large poster.

At, you can customize posters in large sizes and a variety of materials to suit any application. Upload your own design now or create a layout in just a few minutes using our online design tool. If you don’t have a artwork file ready yet, we also offer free-to-download templates you can use to set up your design.

Go big with poster printing today.

Sizes Fit for a King and Queen

Our wide range of medium to large poster sizes have more than enough space for big and small details. Customers normally choose from three standard poster sizes:

  • 24" x 36" is a popular choice for large posters announcing a major sale, a new store branch, and other big deals for outdoor display.
  • 18" x 24" is a standard medium size for advertorials, campaign collateral, movie promotions, and other marketing materials meant to be seen in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • 16" x 20" is a common choice for artwork, photos, or other decorative images displayed on walls and windows.

Materials That Make Your Message Shine

All posters are printed on high-quality photo paper that ensures a crisp, clear finish to your design. Choose from two gloss finishes that bring every color to life.

  • Gives a medium shine on the poster’s surface
  • The go-to choice for full-color posters
  • Highly recommended for large prints that balance visuals and text

High Gloss
  • Provides a higher shine to a bright and bold design
  • High-quality is suitable for large prints of artwork or photographs
  • A prime choice for designs with vivid colors

Large Format Posters File Templates

48HourPrint’s templates give you an overview of how your design will look. The most common standard sizes of large format posters are linked below. Follow these steps to start with:

1. Download the appropriately sized ZIP file.

2. Open the ZIP file and choose the format you will use: PDF, PUB, AI, JPG, AI, and PSD.

3. Create your design using the appropriate editing program and export. For further assistance, visit 48HourPrint’s Help Center.

Large Posters FAQs

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, you can order a size that isn’t offered in our standard choices on our Custom Quote page. Select large format posters from the choices then type in your preferred size. We also offer other customizable options for the paper stock, lamination, and order quantity.

How big is a 12” x 16” poster?

This size is equivalent to 30.5 cm x 45.7 cm. This size is ideal for poster displays in smaller rooms. This is a suitable size if need anything relatively small to fit announcement boards. It won’t take up too much space to cover other ads but it’s large enough to stand out from the rest.

How much does it cost to print a 24” x 36” poster?

This depends on the material and quantity of your order. To give you an idea, 20 pieces of 24” x 36” posters printed on high-gloss photo paper costs $12.29 per piece. The more posters you order, the lower the price per piece. You can use the order calculator to check the price before making an order.

Is there a minimum quantity requirement for ordering large format posters?

No, we do not require a minimum quantity for large format posters. You can order 1, 10, or up to 50 large format posters.

My design looks blurry. How do I fix?

When printing, especially in large format, your images need to be in high resolution. If the image you’re using is too small, it can have blurry images, jagged lines, or compression artifacts. This can be avoided by using high resolution images, ideally at least 300 dpi. One good way to test photo quality is to zoom to 200% to check edges for blurriness or artifacts.

What is the fastest turnaround for a large format poster order?

Posters can be ready after 1 business day, which means you only wait 48 hours for a one-day printing turnaround. “Printing turnaround” is the number of days spent producing your order. Orders with a PDF proof will be shipped after you have approved the file. Select the “Estimate Delivery Date and Shipping Cost” to know when your order will arrive.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: