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How to Set Up Tension Fabric Signs: A Step-By-Step Guide

Written by Harley Barcenas    ●    Published on January 17, 2024

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Promote your brand during sponsored events and trade shows using tension fabric signs. These durable fabric displays create a professional venue look and effortlessly showcase your brand to special guests and attendees. They are commonly used as backdrops for red carpets or photobooth backgrounds for group photos and selfies, and even as stage backgrounds for live performances.

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Our tension fabric signs are very easy to put up and take down. In this article, we’ll run through a step-by-step guide on how to set up a tension fabric sign, including how to take them down and make them last long with proper care.

Setting up Your Tension Fabric Signs

case options, straight tension pop-up display

1. Check the display parts

The first thing you need to do is to check if the materials are complete and in order. When you receive the tension fabric sign set, it will come inside a soft canvas bag or hard case. Check the quality of the frame, the graphic, and the optional LED lights.

Size straight, straight tension pop-up display

2. Assemble the aluminum frame

Find a clear space and start putting together the frame. The aluminum poles join using a snap button feature and are labeled, indicating which end connects to the other. Once the frame is assembled, screw the legs down in place and stand the frame up to check if it’s level.

Printed Options,  straight tension pop-up display

3. Slide the fabric onto the frame, then Velcro in place

Take the display graphic and slide it over the frame like a sock. The elastic polyester fabric should be a tight fit on the frame and once the entire frame is covered, Velcro the bottom portion to secure the graphic.

led light curved pop-up display

4. Do final checks on the completed tension fabric display

Check for wrinkles on the fabric, snags to the frame, and any creases. Once you are satisfied, simply carry the lightweight sign, and display it where it’s intended. Attach the optional LED lights to the sign using the clamps. Finished! You can now step back and admire your event signage.

Taking Down and Maintaining Your Tension Fabric Display

Tension fabric signs are durable and can last long with proper care and maintenance. You can easily reuse these signs for other trade shows and events, or even display them inside your office. Now that you know how to set up your pop-up displays, here are some care tips to extend their lifespan for future use.

  • Proper display set-up

If you are getting ready to assemble the frame, ensure you set up the sign in a spacious and clean area. Just use the prescribed tools for assembling the frame. The frame’s feet are attached using screws, so you only need a proper screwdriver for installation.

  • Properly taking down of the sign

Want to know how to disassemble the tension fabric sign? Simply reverse the process above. However, you need to do it with care.

  • Unplug the LED lights from the socket then unclip them off the display.
  • Carefully take the fabric off the frame. Avoid getting the fabric sign graphic wrinkled and make sure to fold it neatly.
  • Press the snap button on the aluminum poles to detach and separate them from one another.
  • Once everything is done, check each piece in the set one more time before putting them inside the carrying bag or case.
  • Cleaning the fabric for future use

You can easily clean the polyester graphic if you want to reuse it for future events. Machine-wash the fabric in cold water under a low cycle setting. Only use light detergent when cleaning the fabric; no bleach, no heavy detergent. Avoid using the dryer on the fabric. Instead, to air dry it on a clothesline.

Concluding Thoughts

Tension fabric displays are user-friendly backdrops that you can use anywhere, anytime to promote your brand during social events. Setting them up is easy, and, with proper care, you can maximize their purpose for future events and photoshoots. You can check out our selection of tension fabric signs and order yours for upcoming events.

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