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Gary’s Bite-Size Stories Presents Hollei Ann Design

Gary’s Bite-Size Stories Presents Hollei Ann Design

Not all art is created equal. Some make us think, some leave us in stitches, and some… well, let’s just say some art (and artists) make it to Gary’s Bite-Sized Stories.

In our first-ever customer story, we feature an amazing designer whose witty notepads grabbed our attention instantly.

Hollei Anne Hayes Hollei is a graphic designer, illustrator, and letterer.

Meet Hollei Anne Hayes, graphic designer, illustrator, and letterer extraordinaire who creates cheerful, clean, and optimistic artworks. With over 8 years of illustration and design experience, Hollei is a multi-skilled artist with talent and expertise in branding, digital design, hand lettering, and more.

Bright colors and vintage children’s book illustrations inspire Hollei’s illustrations and designs. s. Her work, bursting with sunny, feel-good vibes, is the very stuff that makes you want to keep scrolling on Instagram for hours.

The New Jersey-based artist is known for her colorful creations, which are recognizable by their bright palette, hand-drawn aesthetic, and rich textures.
XOXO notepads by Hollei Anne Hayes, printed by 48HourPrint.
The 48HourPrint Experience There are about a gajillion other printing companies she could have chosen to print her notepads, but she chose 48HourPrint. Her feedback left us elated. Thank you, Hollei!

"My experience with was extremely easy ad fast! I ordered custom notepads to sell on my Etsy shop and was able to customize quality and quantity, which was very important to me. To top it off, my order was affordable, arrived quickly and as expected! I highly recommend 48HourPrint."

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