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Envelope File Preparation

Due to the nature of printing on pre-converted envelopes, all text and images must be .375" from the top and left hand side of the envelope, leaving a .375" white border. Images cannot bleed off the edge. Please also note that we cannot print on the backside or flap of our standard envelopes.

Ink coverage can also affect the end result of your printed piece. Heavy and or full ink coverage on the envelope may increase the chances of darker areas along the seams of the envelope. If there are large areas of solid colors, the additional ink applied to the envelope can result in a darker shade on the seams of the envelope. Choosing a darker ink color or designing a full coverage envelope, can greatly increase the probability that the seams of the envelope will print slightly darker. Also, certain ink colors can show this more. If heavy or full coverage ink is designed into the piece, staying away from reflex blue, dark reds and other dark ink colors can decease the chance of the seams printing slightly darker.

If you would prefer your envelopes to have the images bleed to the edge and not have the .375" white border, need printing done on the backside or flap, or need to use heavy or full ink coverage, we invite you to submit a custom quote and you will receive a price within 24 hours.