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How to Choose the Right Yard Sign Size

Written by Janis Mae Narvas    ●    Published on December 29, 2021

yard sign size chart comparison

How big should your yard sign be? If you’re thinking of printing a yard sign, you must have asked yourself this question. Whether it’s for a real estate listing or a political campaign, your yard sign should be big enough to catch the attention of passersby, but not too big that it can overwhelm the viewer.

To get your important message seen, you need to have an eye-catching yard sign. But how big or how small should your sign be? We’ll help you get your yard sign in the perfect size with this quick guide.

But First, What Are Yard Signs?

Yard signs are outdoor signs made from corrugated plastic with vertical fluting. Vertical fluting are hollowed vertical grooves that run through the interior of the sign. This material makes the sign lightweight and durable for short-term use outdoors. You can print on just the front side or on both sides of your yard sign.

While yard signs are generally displayed out on yards, you can still get creative with how and where you put them up. These signs are commonly displayed with wire frames called H-stakes to place them firmly on the ground.

Typically, yard signs can be used for outdoor advertising, events, directional signs, community announcements, and real estate listings. It’s cheap, durable, and versatile, making it a popular tool not only for marketing, but also to show support for political candidates and sports teams.

Consider These When Deciding on What Size to Use

Yard signs come in many different sizes. Here are several things to consider when you're deciding on the size of your sign.

1. Location

Where do you plan to put your yard sign? How far away would it have to be from the one reading the sign? Where you plan to place your yard sign will influence the size, as well as the design, of your sign.

Make sure your sign can be easily seen and read even from afar. If you're going to put up your sign in a high-traffic location or a busy intersection, then you probably wouldn’t need to have a sign that’s too large to grab the attention of passersby.

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2. Material

Yard signs come in different forms. At 48HourPrint, we only use corrugated plastic for our yard signs. Typically, large signs made with corrugated plastic may topple over when displayed under extreme weather conditions. To prevent this, make sure to use a sturdy stake to keep your sign upright. You can add an H-wire stake to your order when you print a custom yard sign with us.

3. Design

For lawn signs and political yard signs, we recommend keeping it simple. The important thing is to keep the sign free from any unimportant graphics that could detract from your primary message.

For most uses, the 18” x 24” sign is enough. A two- or three-word offer and a phone number or a website URL can suffice when you’re promoting a product or service. For political signs, the standard text often includes the candidate’s slogan, their name, and the year of the election. For graduation yard signs, it’s your heartfelt message that matters most, so you probably won’t need a ton of graphics that could clutter a smaller sign and make a large sign necessary.

4. Message

When you’re choosing the size of your yard signs, remember that you have to communicate your message to people who are quickly moving past your sign. As a rule of thumb, a text that is 1” in height can be viewed up to 10 feet on average. A standard yard sign (18” x 24”) with text that is 5 inches in height can be viewed up to 50 feet away. Consider this when you decide on the size and the layout of your yard sign.

Standard Yard Sign Sizes

Most printers offer yard signs in various sizes, depending on your intended use. Here at 48HourPrint, our yard signs come in five standard sizes:

yard sign sizes

12” × 18” The smallest size option, this yard sign size can be viewed within 50 feet. Ideal for short text, company logos, and directional signs for pedestrians.
12” × 24” Ideal for short messages that need to include some contact information and a call to action.
18” × 24” The most popular yard sign size. This size is ideal for “For Sale” signs on large lawn areas. Messages printed on 18” × 24” signs can be seen from 70 feet away.
36” × 24” Our largest available size option. This large yard sign can be seen from 100 feet away.
6” × 24" Also called a rider. This size is good for smaller signs that accompany your main yard sign. Use this for contact numbers, business branding, or to share an update on the sale status of your real estate property.

Create Custom Yard Signs With 48HourPrint

Need custom yard signs fast? At 48HourPrint, we print high-quality outdoor signs that can be ready to ship in two business days – and that’s our guarantee! We use premium materials that are durable enough for long-lasting outdoor use.

Ready to create your own yard sign design? Here’s how to use our online design tool:

Step 1. Indicate the specifications of your yard sign. Use the order calculator to input the size, material, and quantity of your order. Indicate if you want to add H-stakes to your order, or if you need to add grommets to your sign.

Step 2. Start designing with Create48, our online designer tool! Click Design Online to access this tool. Use the toolbar to upload your own images, search for stock photos, add colors, shapes, and text, and more.

Step 3. Save your design and check out your order. Click the Save icon to continue editing your design, or click Proceed to Order to start the checkout process.

Print the perfect yard sign today with 48HourPrint!