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Where to Hire Design Freelancers

Written by Elisha Yvonne Velasco    ●    Published on January 4, 2023

list of websites for hiring designers

If you don’t have the time to create your own design for your vinyl banners or custom signs, you can always choose to invest in freelance designers. With freelance graphic designers, you can immediately see how they apply their experiences and skills in their portfolios and ratings. Hiring freelancers is also more cost-effective since they don’t have regular staff on payroll nor maintain a big office.

Freelance graphic designers are easy to work with because of their flexible hours. You can easily set one-on-one meetings with them compared to marketing agencies with fixed business hours. Below is a list of where you can find freelance graphic designers:

Job Boards


LinkedIn is well-known as the world’s largest professional network. You can post a job listing and screen the applications of freelance designers.


Fiverr has a database of freelancers with affordable rates. On this site, freelancers post their service offerings, packages, and various rates. If you’re on a budget and would only need small graphic design edits and tasks, you can go to this site to hire professional designers.


Upwork is a popular site for both freelancers and clients. It helps clients narrow down their search with search filters, and track the hours spent on a project. It also allows the client and designer to communicate through its online workspace.


Toptal has a job board that lets you screen freelancers based on their skills and experience. The freelancers featured on this site have gone through rigorous skill reviews and tests to make sure that clients get only the best of the best. Toptal also works directly with clients and helps them find candidates that match their business goals.

Design Contest Platforms


Hatchwise is a contest platform that provides graphic design and naming. While the design contests are mostly for logos, they can also be used for banners, brochures, websites, T-shirts, and more. If you need a tagline or new brand name, Hatchwise also features copywriters who can do the job.

Design Contest

design contest
Design Contest is another design contest platform where clients can launch a project in various design categories. Clients provide a creative brief and candidates have the option to choose a project they want to participate in, and then submit their ideas for clients to review.


DesignHill is a crowdsourced design contest platform that helps employers find the right designer for their projects. Here you can hold different types of contests related to graphic design or illustration. The site also features a gig marketplace for pre-packaged creative services similar to Fiverr.

Graphic Designer Marketplace


Dribbble is an invite-only site that provides graphic designers a platform to showcase their portfolios, share ideas, and interact with a community. It also serves as a freelance graphic designer marketplace where employers can post opportunities on the job board and communicate directly with designers. Dribbble also gives employers access to qualified groups, which saves them time in the screening process.

Working Not Working

working not working
Working Not Working is a site that allows creatives and freelancers to find full-time job opportunities that work for them. Freelancers can also show in their calendars if they’re working or not working, so you can easily see if they’re available in your timeframe.

People Per Hour

people per hour
People Per Hour provides access to freelance graphic designers with affordable rates. You can choose to pay by the hour or per project. This platform also features project management tools that you can use for your project.

Hiring freelance professional graphic designers is a good investment and can be beneficial to one's business. If you're looking for someone to work for your campaign, consider the sites mentioned above to find a professional that can meet and exceed your expectations.

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