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Velvet Business Cards

  • High-quality velvet soft touch lamination
  • Double or single-sided printing options
  • Spot UV finishing option available
16 pt. Cardstock
Velvet Soft Touch
3 Business Days
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Evoke Positive Emotions With Velvet Business Card Printing

Give out exquisite-looking velvet business cards to create an air of excitement among clients. Print soft touch business cards with velvet finishes to trigger their desire to know your brand. Velvet adds a luxurious look and feel that shows your company’s great sense of style and keen attention to detail. Give out suede business cards to show customers that you exemplify excellence.

Make Your Brand Look Va-va-voom With Velvet Business Cards

Entice clients with a provocative look unique to soft-touch laminated business cards. Our high-quality velvet business card printing provides:

A softer touch that signifies premium quality - The velvet suede lamination creates a plush rose-petal-like feel. It protects your design against dirt, dust, and grime.

16 pt. Cardstock

16 pt. Cardstock

  • Velvet coating increases thickness to 18 pt.
  • Coating provides scratch and scuff-resistant surface
  • Texture provides a rich, luxurious feel
  • Added thickness prevents folds and creases
  • Writability limited to some pens and permanent markers

A myriad of sizes to choose from - Use the standard 2" x 3.5" size for your suede business cards. Or pick from the popular 1.75" x 3.5", 2" x 2", or 2.125" x 3.375" options.

A better view from the angle you want - Select from either front-only or front-and-back printing options so your brand can be seen from any angle.

A greater focus on the important details - Complete your soft touch business cards with spot UV coating. It adds an eye-catching glossy finish to specific areas of your velvet business cards.

Print your premium velvet business cards and start making the best impression.

Get FREE Layout Templates for Your Velvet Business Cards

Click on the link below to download the ZIP file containing the size and specifications you want.