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VDP printing delivers marketing ROI

Increase your marketing ROI with and Loyalty Builders Marketing Analytics and Printing Strategies (MAPS™).

The MAPS™ program combines the power of Loyalty Builder’s Predictive AnalyticsMarketing and Consultingservices with’s best-in-class Variable Data Printing and mailing services.

We have partnered with Loyalty Builders, a leader in predictive analytics and customer marketing management. For more than 10 years they have worked with high-profile marketers like Microsoft, CDW, Verisign and many others to help them get more revenue from their current customers. Based on customer transaction data, Loyalty Builders analytics enables you to personalize direct marketing campaigns based on whatever customer characteristics and metrics are desired.

Consider the impact of your customers receiving a postcardmagnetflyerticketappointment card or any other digitally printed product with unique customized messaging and images strategically created from analysis of your customer data. Each Variable Data Printed (VDP) piece can speak to your customer’s gender, age, interests, buying habits, political affiliation, religious faith, address, etc. The possibilities for personalized direct mailing campaigns are endless!

Fact: VDP combined with direct-mail marketing campaigns that use personalized one-to-one communications are showing ROIs of 20, 30, even 40 percent. Your marketing campaigns can be more cost effective and successful, reaching individuals with a personalized message that gain and hold their interest.

The MAPS™ solution takes care of the entire process, from data management, analysis, customer segmentation and targeting—to variable data printing and mailing services and results reporting.

Every business knows that not all customers are alike - so why treat them the same? The MAPS™ solution shows your customers that you are aware of, and responding to, their interests and concerns, and, as a result, your credibility and revenue soars.

How to get started: Regardless of your company size, we can create a VDP solution for you. Please contact one of our Preferred Client Representatives to learn more about MAPS™ and VDP by calling 1-800-844-0599 or by sending email to