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Spot UV Bookmarks

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  • Create captivating messages with spot UV
  • Gloss or matte coating enhances highlights
  • Single or double-sided printing available
16 pt. Cardstock
Front Only
6 Business Days
Coupon code LOVEMYSUVBMARK is applied.
Promo Price $177.98

Make Your Mark With Spot UV Bookmark Printing

Create gorgeous custom bookmarks that your customers will never leave home without. Showcase your brand by highlighting your logo or tagline with a spot gloss finish. The selective UV touches create the look of varying textures that captivate and will make potential customers notice.

Embody Your Brand’s Style and Sensibility

Customize spot UV bookmarks according to your marketing specifications. Take full advantage of these different design choices and material benefits:

Different Dimensions - Pick the standard 2" x 7" size or from 5 other sizes to fit the text and graphics you want and the different books your customers read.

Loud Gleam or Quiet Confidence - Opt for gloss coating that shines with higher color contrast for a more emphatic marketing style. Or choose matte coating with a soft and luxurious satin finish for an elegant but impactful approach.

Distinguishing Factors - Add spot UV highlights on the front, the back, or on both the front and the back to create distinctive focal points on your logo or marketing campaign messages.

Make your spot UV bookmarks represent the best that your brand has to offer. Print yours now.

Download FREE Spot UV Bookmark Layout Templates

Choose size and specifications you want and download the ZIP file by clicking on the links below.