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Raised Spot UV Business Cards

2 Reviews
  • Raised spot UV makes design accents pop
  • Print on one or both sides to add more info
  • Features an elegant 16 pt. velvet soft touch stock
2" x 3.5"
16 pt. Cardstock
Gloss Both Sides
Velvet Soft Touch
Front Only
6 Business Days
Coupon code LOVEMYCARDS is applied.
Promo Price $117.47

Elevate Your Standards With Raised Spot UV Business Cards

End the shame of handing out the usual flat and drab business cards. Make sure everyone takes notice with raised spot UV business card printing. Clear and glossy spot UV accents shine brilliantly to present your design and message well.

You can use this to promote your new business or prospects. Or maybe you want to impress and be unforgettable. No matter the size of your business, raised ink business card printing pushes your brand from passable to premium.

Making the Print

It’s good to know what goes on behind the scenes to print raised spot UV business cards so you can make the best choice for your specific needs:

  • A clear high gloss polymer to coat selected areas of the print.
  • This super glossy finish is raised to 50 microns high to give a tactile and embossed feel.
  • The result is an increase on your business card thickness from 16 pt. to 19 pt. for a sturdier build.

Know Your Stock

Raised post UV business cards are printed on 16 pt. Velvet Soft Touch stock and

16 pt. Cardstock

16 pt. Cardstock

  • Velvet coating increases thickness to 18 pt.
  • Coating provides scratch and scuff-resistant surface
  • Texture provides a rich, luxurious feel
  • Added thickness prevents folds and creases
  • Writability limited to some pens and permanent markers

Note: Raised spot UV business card printing is available in the popular 2" x 3.5" size.

Raise Your Expectations

Don’t be surprised if your raised spot UV business cards turned out to be more than you ever imagined. Not only do this coating shine brighter under the light, it also:

  1. Feels like the real thing. The raised coating adds a realistic texture to your card. You can add a raised spot UV over a water droplet design to make your business card feel three-dimensional. This is perfect for food, beverages, jewelry, nail products, or even car detailing.
  2. Highlights important text or design elements. Emphasize your logo, company name, or important message in your business card printing. This glossy finish puts a spotlight on text fields that are 10 pt. font size or larger.
  3. Creates an interesting background. Since raised spot UV is a clear coat, you can put a pattern on your business card design without it competing with the important aspects of your artwork. This also adds a unique texture that will make people want to touch it.

Note: To prevent your business cards from sticking to each other, keep your raised spot UV coverage to less than 30%.

Learn how you can put your raised spot UV business cards to work with these helpful marketing tips. Download our business card templates or use our online design tool so you can get started on your design.


What do you mean by printing turnaround time?

“Printing turnaround time” is the number of days we need to product your order. This starts from the time you upload your artwork to a paid order, and does not include weekends, holidays, and transit time.

Can I put raised spot UV accents on both sides of the business card?

Yes, you can definitely do that. Just make sure you choose that option on the online calculator. Also, don’t forget to keep your spot UV accent coverage to 30% or less.

How will my business cards be shipped to me?

Your raised spot UV business cards will be shipped to you already cut to size and neatly boxed.

Raised Spot UV Business Card File Templates

Click on the size below to download a zip file that contains templates for the raised spot uv business card size you prefer. Includes horizontal and vertical orientation.