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Pocket Menus

  • Holds an amazing amount of info
  • Fits neatly in your pocket
  • 4 panels on each side
4 x 10 (folds to 4 x 2.5)
100# Text
4/4 Double Sided (Outside and Inside)
Mini Parallel Fold (4 Panels)
Promo Price $152.18

Pocket Menu Printing for Mighty Miniature Menus

Some big things come in small packages and this definitely applies to our pocket menus. Pocket menu printing takes regular-sized menus and shrinks them down to handy mini menus that fit right in your pocket. This makes them great for handouts and for advertising your restaurant to more people.

Pocket menus have 4” x 10” worth of space (about the size of a flyer) but neatly fold down to just 4” x 2.5”, just slightly bigger than a standard business card and small enough to fit in a wallet. These menus have a mini parallel fold that gives you 4 panels on each side) which means these miniature menus can hold a lot of information. All menus are printed on quality 100 lb. paper stock, which gives a nice feel and gives an elegant vibe. All mini menus are coated to help them last longer, and you can choose between a vibrant gloss or an understated matte finish to suit your needs.

Mini menu printing is popular with food and restaurant businesses, and they have a small but growing following with local businesses of all kinds, as a bite-sized alternative to flyers and business cards.

Make your own menus today. Check out our mini menu templates for layout guidelines that will help you make the best use of all the space pocket menus have to offer. Try pocket menu printing now and have your menus ready in 2 days.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: