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Metallic Flyers

  • Sparkly glow gets noticed right away
  • Have fun with any color imaginable
  • Pump up the shine with spot UV accents
16 pt. Cardstock
Metallic on Front
6 Business Days
Coupon code LOVEMYMFLYER is applied.
Promo Price $584.37

Let Your Message Sparkle to Soaring Heights With Metallic Flyers

Do you have an upcoming event, store promotion, or a new product release? Get noticed immediately with metallic flyer printing. Use these shiny sheets of paper to get the word out to the right people. You’ll never go wrong with using sparkly metallic ink to highlight all the good stuff in your flyers.

Enjoy the spotlight at trade shows or networking events. Get these for restaurants, salons, and spas for a luxurious glow that looks and feels premium. Take them anywhere. Everyone will be taking their sunglasses out to look and admire the shine.

It’s All in the Printing Details

When we see shiny things we are mesmerized. But metallic ink printing is not rocket science. Basically, there are four layers that make up your metallic flyers:

  • First: A 16 pt. Gloss Cardstock is the substrate used as your base.

  • Second: Silver ink is applied to your stock.

  • Third: CMYK ink is printed on top of it. This creates the metallic effect in the colors you have chosen.

  • Fourth: Spot UV is a high-gloss UV coating applied to the whole surface of the flyer. This coating makes your flyers shine even more, especially when light hits it. The smooth texture makes it feel like real polished metal.

Tip: Explore unlimited shades of metallic colors, even gradients, with metallic flyer printing.

Know the Nitty-Gritty

Now that you know the printing process, it’s time to get to know what makes metallic flyers a cut above the rest:

  • Each foil flyer is printed on durable 16. pt. gloss cardstock that doesn’t get easily bent for longer-lasting wear and tear.
    • Recommended cardstock for premium printing

    • Substantial weight adds quality and professionalism to your flyers

    • Added thickness prevents folds and creases

    • Gloss or matte coating helps protect from scratches
  • Flyer sizes range from 4" x 6" to 8.5”x 11” so you can find something to suit your very specific needs and uses.

  • Spot UV coating pumps up the shine of your metallic ink accents for a dazzling glow.

  • Add rounded corners to create fresh new flyer shapes for a unique twist on the usual.

  • Print on one or both sides to add more information. It looks more expensive too.

Tip: Play with texture and depth with spot UV accents. Create the liquid shine of nail polish by making your liquid droplet graphic metallic with spot UV finish.

Reach New Heights

Start to print metallic flyers now and watch your business grow because you can:

  • Access new prospects. Foil flyers help you reach a larger audience in a more personal way. You can use these for door to door mail drops, street distribution, newspaper inserts, or hand them out in stores.

  • Get innovative. You can get more creative with your design with metallic printing. Go modern with neutral metallics or bold and vibrant with strong, vivid colors. You only need to use your imagination because the possibilities are endless.

  • Offer a personal approach. When you physically hand out your metallic flyers to prospects, you are already halfway to getting your message across.

  • Drum up interest. You can give out incentives by adding coupon codes or putting discounts on your flyers. Ask your prospects to bring in the flyers and get great deals and steals.

  • Start your metallic flyer printing today and let your brand shine in your own unique way. Download our templates or use our online design tool so you can create your own metallic flyers.


What do you mean by “turnaround time”?

“Turnaround time” is the number of days we need in order to print your order. This doesn’t include holidays, weekends, and shipping time.

What is spot UV?

Spot UV is a clear high-gloss finish that is added to select areas of your flyer design. This finish contrasts well with the metallic print and adds more texture to make your metallic colors pop even more.

Are metallic flyers waterproof too?

Unfortunately, no. Although the thick 16 pt. cardstock is very durable and does not bend easily, it doesn’t offer protection from water or moisture.

Metallic Flyers

Click the size of our metallic flyer below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size. Includes both horizontal and vertical orientation.