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Metallic Cut-to-Size Stickers

  • Dependable adhesive sticker paper
  • High-gloss UV coating for extra shine
  • Lots of sizes to choose from
White Paper Sticker
High Gloss UV
Full Color Front, Blank Back
Foil on Front
6 Business Days
Coupon code LOVEMYSTK30 is applied.
Promo Price $114.63

Shine Bright With Metallic Cut-to-Size Stickers

Attract attention like never before with custom metallic cut-to-size stickers. A great metallic ink sticker can make your brand more recognizable, increasing the chances of customers remembering your brand for years to come. Metallic cut-to-size stickers are printed by adding a layer of silver ink underneath all the other colors to bring out the luster in your stickers. The high-gloss UV coating gives the metallic print a brighter sheen.

48HourPrint offers cheap printing services to make your metallic cut-to-size sticker design a reality.

Printing a Cut Above the Rest

Custom printing means going over and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Gary and his friendly print geeks have carefully curated the material selection here at 48HourPrint in order to assure our online printing services are top-notch and bang for-your-buck.

Our metallic stickers are printed on 70 lb. sticker paper and are cut-to-size for easier application. These stickers will adhere to most surfaces, making them the ideal solution for product packaging. Stick them on jars, bottles, boxes, and other containers. Simply crack, peel, and apply. It doesn’t get any easier.

Our high-gloss UV coating will make your metallic stickers shine even on the gloomiest of days. This finish perfectly complements the metallic ink so your stickers have an added sheen. Even better, the high-gloss coating acts as a barrier against dust and moisture.

Our popular 2” x 2” metallic cut-to-size stickers will undoubtedly get the job done. But if that’s not your speed, we have other size options to offer. Our longer rectangular stickers can wrap around bottles and jars.

Metallic Cut-to-Size Stickers File Templates

Our free design templates will help get your order print-ready. 48HourPrint’s templates give you an overview of how your design will look. Get started with these steps:

1. Identify the areas in your design that you want to apply metallic print on.

2. Create 2 layers of your design.

3. The first layer is the artwork in CMYK color mode.

4. The second layer reveals all the metallic print areas. All identified areas should be colored 100% K while the rest should be colored white. Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: For further assistance, visit 48HourPrint’s Help Center.

Metallic Cut-to-Size Stickers FAQs

Q: Are metallic stickers suited for outdoor use?
A: While our high-gloss UV coated stickers prevent damage caused by moisture, they are not waterproof. We recommend using metallic stickers for indoor use.

Q: What do you mean by turnaround time?
A: It’s the number of business days it takes to custom print your metallic cut-to-size stickers. It does not cover shipping time.

Q: Can you explain what cut-to-size means?
A: It simply means your stickers will be shipped pre-cut as opposed to being shipped on a roll.

Q: Can I use small font sizes for metallic stickers?
A: For areas that will have a metallic effect, we recommend using a sans serif font with a size of 12 pts. or larger.

Metallic Sticker Templates

Click a size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size.