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How to Hang Banners (A Complete Guide)

Written by Nermae De Asis    ●    Published on October 9, 2021

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Banners are among the most popular traditional promotions that businesses still use today. Their size and strength make them cost-effective substitutes for permanent signage. They're affordable, weatherproof, and reusable for up to five (5) years. Custom banners are the perfect solution for important messages that need immediate attention. You can be sure that your announcement gets noticed with custom banner printing.

Aside from their durability, custom banners are versatile. This makes them the go-to outdoor advertising tool for many businesses.

You can use vinyl banners for any occasion. From tradeshows to conferences, store openings to baby showers, custom banners stand out in different settings.

Vinyl banners adapt to different types of installation requirements. You can hang a banner anywhere, with or without poles and hooks.

This article covers the different ways to hang banners in various locations, with and without grommets.

Best Ways to Hang a Banner

Depending on where you print custom banners, you may come across some hanging options to include with your order.

The most common hanging options are grommets and pole pockets. What's the difference?


Grommet Options for Banners
Grommets Options

Grommets (a.k.a. eyelets) are small nickel rings you can fasten around the edges of your banner. When you insert a rope through the grommets, it reduces the risk of your banner being ripped by the rope. This is a popular choice for our customers. Some online printers also include hems on the sides of the banner to prevent fraying.

Pole Pockets

Pole Pockets Options for Banners
Pole Pockets Options

Pole pockets involve folding the edges of the banner to form a pocket and sealing it with heat. With pole pockets, you can insert poles or ropes into your banner to help carry its weight. Pole pockets can also reduce creases and give a solid tensioned appearance.

It is also possible to hang banners without grommets and pole pockets, which we'll discuss further in the article.

How to Hang a Vinyl Banner Outside

With outdoor applications, make sure your banner can withstand exposure to elements such as wind, rain, and heat.

  • Choose a thick and high-quality material like weatherproof vinyl. This ensures your message doesn't fade easily and serves its purpose for a long time.
  • Add stable hanging options such as grommets, hems, and pole pockets. These can significantly increase your banner's longevity in the outdoors.

Ultimately, the best banner size is one that fits your location and effectively gets your message noticed. If you need a specific banner size, online printers also offer custom size options so you can specify the exact dimensions you need.

Assuming your banners already have pole pockets or grommets, you can now choose the material that will secure your banners. There are plenty of options, but it's essential to select a material that fits the location of your banners.

Here are some of the most popular materials to use for outdoor banners:

  • Nylon ropes are the easiest option to use. This works for both indoor and outdoor banners. Insert the rope through the grommets or pole pockets and tie all corners securely. This rope method allows you to suspend your banners in different settings like between two poles, from the ceiling, and over balconies, storefronts, and fences.
    It is worth noting that any rope or string works for hanging banners, but you should choose a material that can withstand the weight of the material.

  • Zip ties (a.k.a. cable ties or tie-wraps) are among the best options for outdoor banners because they don't rip apart easily. Cable ties work best on chain link fences, especially if your banner is in a windy location. Adding grommets around the sides and not just corners can also increase their durability.

  • Bungee cords with hanging clips are more robust than nylon ropes and are perfect for installing long banners. You can use this method for open fields and sporting events when you don't have anchor points for your banner. However, you will need to drive a stake on both ends of the banner and attach the banner corners to the stakes.

How to Hang a Banner Indoors

Without any wind or rain, it's much easier to hang banners indoors. Aside from nylon ropes and strings, here are other ways to install your custom banner on walls.

  • Suction cups and hooks are ideal for smaller banners made of fabric or any lighter material. They work best on flat and smooth surfaces like glass. To install, make sure the surface and suction cups are clean and dust-free. When the suction cups are secure, you can hang the banner grommets over the hooks. This method also works outdoors, provided you have a smooth surface for the suction cups. However, it's important to note that suction cups can lose their strength when exposed to sun and heat.

  • Pushpins and nail hooks are the best way to hang banners when there are no existing anchor points. Note that this method may damage or leave marks on the wall.
    To hang your banner, hold it up against the wall and use a pencil to mark the location of your corner grommets. Make sure the banner placement is straight. When you're done, you can hammer your nail hooks on through each pencil mark, then hang your banner.

How to Hang Banners Without Grommets or Pole Pockets

You can hang banners without using grommets or pole pockets with these easy methods:

Pins and nails are a great option if you don't mind marking the wall or punching a hole through your banner.

Tape works well if you apply it on all four corners and the back of your banner. Be sure to choose a clear yet durable tape, so you don't ruin the appearance of the banner display.

Velcro strips are the best way to hang banners without damaging your wall. Split the Velcro strips into two parts. Attach one piece to the back of your banner, then the other to the wall or wrapped around a pole. This method is best for indoor use.

No wall space, hooks, or pipes to hang your banners? Some settings like tradeshows and conferences offer limited space for every participant. You can make use of your tables by hanging your banner over the front edges like a tablecloth.

To hang your banner on the table, be sure to secure the edges with tape or pins. You can also place some heavy objects on the edge of the table to keep the banner from sliding off. Another option is to insert ropes through the grommets and tie them around the table's legs. Be sure to secure the top knots with tape as the banner's weight will cause it to slide down over time.


How do you hang vinyl banners without grommets outside?
The best way to hang vinyl banners without grommets is to attach them to a wall with nails or pins. If you need to suspend the banners, it is best to add pole pockets to insert a rope through the edges. Pole pockets give your banners a tensioned look and help people read your message from afar.

How do you hang a banner without damaging the wall?
For smooth walls or glass windows, suction cups with hooks are the best option.

How do you hang a banner with a string?
Banners with strings are the easiest to hang. You'll need to find anchor points for two or all four corners of your banner. The best place is from the ceiling where there are pipes or a spot where one can easily pin the strings in place. You can also screw some hooks or nails on the wall to hang the banners. If you don't want to damage your walls, you can tape the banner's edges against the wall.

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