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Flat Pouches

  • Ideal for product sampling
  • Zipper lock keeps items fresh
  • Uses high-barrier film
White Barrier Film
Bottom Seal, Top Loading
10 Business Days
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Handy and Versatile Product Packaging

Flat pouches are a neat and convenient way to pack and distribute products, particularly food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Specifically designed to hold smaller amounts, these are also an excellent way to present samples to potential customers.

The Right Size for the Right Amounts

We offer our flat pouches in the following sizes which have the corresponding estimated capacity to suit designated amounts:

Pouch Size Volume Coffee Beans
Flour (Weight)
3.25" x 4.5" 1/4 cup 1 oz. 1.5 oz.
3.375" x 5.5" 1/3 cup 1.5 oz. 2.5 oz.
4" x 6" 1/2 cup 2 oz. 3.5 oz.
5" x 5.5" 1 cup 3 oz. 5 oz.
5" x 7" 1-1/4 cups 4 oz. 8 oz.
6" x 7" 1-3/4 cups 5 oz. 12 oz.
7" x 9" 4 cups 11 oz. 1 lb. 8 oz.
7" x 12" 6-1/3 cups 1 lb. 2 oz. 2 lbs. 7 oz.

Materials to Keep Your Product Fresh and Safe

All our flat pouches are made with high-barrier film, which helps extend the shelf life of perishable goods by preventing contamination and entry of oxygen and moisture. These high barrier films have an average oxygen transfer rate (OTR) of .06 to .065.

We currently offer pouches using the following materials:

  • Clear Barrier Film is excellent for showing products off to customers and has the additional benefit of being crease- and crack-proof;
  • White Barrier Film offers a good solid background for full-color printing; and
  • Metallized Barrier Film is a polymer film coated on one side with a layer of aluminum to give it a glossy silvery appearance.

Each of these materials has the following properties:

File Type Clear Barrier Film White Barrier Film Metallized Barrier Film
Average Thickness 4.6 miL 4.6 miL 3.1 miL
Oxygen Transfer Rate
<0.05 <0.5 <0.8
Construction 48 ga. PET / 3.0 miL
EVOH Coex/ Ink/
48 ga. PET / 3.0 miL
EVOH Coex/ Ink/
48 ga. PET / 3.0 miL
EVOH Coex/ Ink/
Oxygen Protection Full Full Optimal
Moisture Protection Optimal Optimal Full
Light Protection None Minimal Full
Printing Full-color Full-color with window Full-color metallic
White Ink Printing Yes, included Not applicable Yes, but optional

Note: Pouches are food-safe and are ideal for both solid and liquid foodstuffs.

Flat pouches can be finished with either:

  • Glossy coating which adds a brilliant, glare-free luster to printed images; or
  • Matte coating adds a satiny texture that makes printed text easier to read.

Print as Much as You Need

There is no minimum order required. You can choose to print just one (1) sample pouch or order up to 10,000 pieces for a maximized production run.

Printing turnaround is ten (10) business days, excluding shipping time. Shipping/transit time is dependent on your zip code and production will be assigned to the facility closest to your location to ensure prompt delivery.

Note: Production and shipping time do not include weekends or public holidays.

Options for Display and Convenience

Round or Euro-style (sombrero-type) hang-holes for suspended display can be punched ¼” from the top rim of each package.

Tear notches on both sides of the top for easy opening are automatically included.

We likewise offer an optional zipper-lock as an added means for ensuring the freshness of products. These are normally 10 mm. in height and are positioned 1.5” from the top trim of each package.

Flat Pouches FAQs

What can I use flat pouches for?
Custom flat pouches are most suitable for small amounts, flat products, samples, and single-use items. You can use it for anything like food, beauty cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.

How soon can I receive my flat pouches?
To check the estimated delivery date of your order, you can input your ZIP code on the order calculator, and it will automatically provide shipping and cost options.

Do you offer design templates?
Yes. You can download these from the Templates Tab. Just choose which size you prefer and download. These blank templates are easy to customize with your own text and images. Our templates are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Templates at the Ready

Stumped for ideas or need to print fast? Not a problem: we offer a selection of blank templates that you can easily customize with your own text and images. Our templates are available in Photoshop- and Illustrator-compatible formats.