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Discount Labels

  • Cut-to-size or roll format
  • Indoor and outdoor materials
  • Custom shapes and sizes
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Discount Labels to Seal the Deal

If you have a sale or discount that you want everyone to know about, discount labels are the best way to attract attention. Tagged product promotions highlight limited deals and encourage shoppers to take advantage of these special offers.

You can also use promotional labels to communicate what makes your product worth buying. Quality product ingredients, lifetime warranties, and sales proceeds from donations can help convince shoppers to make that purchase when it’s printed on an eye-catching label.

Our discount label printing services let you design in any size and shape, with a variety of high-quality materials to choose from. From white premium stickers, durable vinyl, textured adhesives, and water-resistant BOPP labels, our indoor and outdoor options are suitable for a wide variety of products and application requirements.

Order custom labels today and we can have them ready for shipping in as fast as one (1) business day. Upload your design now to get started. Don’t have an artwork file yet? No problem. Create your own layout from scratch with our online design tool. We also provide free print templates you can download and use on your preferred editing application.

Customize Discount Labels Online

With, it’s easy to create custom labels to suit your needs and application. Here’s how you can use the product order calculator to choose the perfect label for your brand.

Print labels in cut-to-size or roll format, depending on your budget and application. Cut-to-size labels are cut separately and shipped in stacks, which makes them ideal for low volume orders and manual application. Roll labels come wrapped around a spool that can be used with a dispenser. While you can also apply roll stickers by hand, this format is recommended for bulk printing and rapid applications.

Customize in die-cut shapes and sizes. Design your labels in standard square and rectangle shapes, or go for circle, oval, and die-cut shapes to suit your logo and label design.

Add coating for extra protection. Protect your labels and enhance your designs with matte and gloss coatings. Gloss and high-gloss UV add shine and vibrance, while matte produces a more elegant and muted effect.

Print discount labels for your business today. Upload your design now and get a free file proof from our print geeks! This lets us review your design setup and make sure it follows correct printing guidelines.


How soon can I receive my labels?
You can check the estimated delivery dates for your order using the product page calculator. Select preferred label specs, printing turnaround time, and input your ZIP code to generate shipping options and costs.

What is the minimum order quantity for discount labels?
For cut-to-size labels, you can order as few as 100 pieces. For roll labels, the minimum order quantity is 250 pieces.

How do I customize the shape and size of my label?
On the order calculator, select Roll format. Under the Shape drop-down options, choose Custom. You can then indicate the appropriate width and height dimensions in the size options.

Discount Label Templates

Select a size to download a ZIP file containing discount label layout templates: