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Cut-to-Size Labels

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New lower prices on our most popular vinyl labels!

  • Individually cut in 4 standard shapes
  • Permanent self-adhesive lasts on smooth surfaces
  • Print a die-cut label for a personalized touch
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Get Creative with Label Singles

Stand out from the competition with label singles.

Sometimes a good product simply won’t cut it. Label singles are a cost-effective way to pique the interest of shoppers, communicate your product benefits, and encourage them to make that purchase. Designed effectively, custom label singles printing will attract customers from any distance. Attracting buyers from the get-go increases the chance they won’t look at other options.

Label singles printing is the process of cutting around your label’s exact shape and size. A laser cuts through the adhesive and backing material, so your labels are individually cut and separated. Label singles are delivered in stacks, making them ideal as handouts and packaging slips.

Whether you want mailing labels, food labels, or packaging labels, our online customization options will help you easily print the right kind of labels for your business. Use them for branding, supplementary printing, suggested recipes, and even as coupons.

At, you can order as few as 25 pieces to as much as 100,000 labels and have them printed in just one (1) business day. All custom size labels are boxed before shipment. Upload a ready-made design or use our online design tool to get started on your label singles printing.

Print label singles today.

Popular Sizes

It’s easy to create custom labels tailored specifically to your preferred color, material, finish, size, and shape. Create unique labels from four shapes: square, rectangle, circle, and oval, and choose from over 20 different sizes. Our most popular sizes are:

  • 2” x 3” and 3” x 4” - Widely used for food packages, jars, and bottles. This size is perfect for logos, product names, and a short description. Brands also apply secondary labels on the back of the product to share their story and other important information the customer should know.
  • 4” x 4” or 6” x 6” - Two sizes used for mailing address labels. Choose a size that matches your item. For instance, there are mailers and shipping boxes that require wider address labels.

High-Quality Materials

We print both custom and die-cut labels on materials suited for indoor or outdoor use.

  • White paper sticker is our all-purpose, indoor label material. The surface is writable using a permanent pen or marker. Add matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV coating to protect your labels from scuffs and scratches.
  • White vinyl sticker is durable and has a UV-resistant, high-gloss finish that makes the label waterproof and extra shiny. Use white vinyl for products that will be exposed to heat, moisture, and stored in refrigerators.

Coating Options

We offer three (3) coating options for white sticker paper.

  • High-gloss UV coating is thick and abrasion-resistant, so it provides the most protection out of all the finishes. It has an ultra-glossy effect that boosts saturation and enhances design details.
  • Gloss coating gives just the right amount of shine while highlighting both the colors and images of your design.
  • Matte coating does not reflect against the light, so it provides a subdued and elegant finish on your labels. This goes well with designs that focus on text or minimalist and dark-colored graphics.

Getting the Right Shape

Using the right shape for your custom labels is crucial. A wrong shape can send mixed signals and confuse the viewer. We recommend strongly considering how you present your labels. Here are a few ideas:

  • Square shapes are more in your face and can fit a lot of visual information. Choose this for more elaborate designs.
  • Rectangle labels works its magic wrapped around a product, displaying branding design on the front while placing product information such as ingredients on the side.
  • Circle shapes are perfect for round objects or surfaces as they maximize the area. You can use this shape on a bottle cap or lid, or as a seal for packages and boxes.
  • Oval labels are ideal for a minimalist aesthetic where the product takes center stage. Best used for bottles, jars, and other clear containers.
  • Heart is the perfect label shape for holiday cards and gift products, especially on anniversaries and Valentine’s day. They immediately tell customers which items are recommended as gifts for their loved ones.
  • Starburst is a versatile shape, but it is often used to highlight sales and special discounts.
  • Hexagon and Arch shapes add a unique dimension to bottle and jar labels.

Got something totally different in mind? Our label singles Custom shape option lets you upload any design and we’ll trim your labels according to that exact shape and size. Just select Custom from the Shape options and input your design dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cut-to-size mean?

Cut-to-size means exactly as it sounds. These labels are individually cut to the exact size and specifications required for each order. These are collated and shipped in stacks, making this format the ideal choice for giveaways at events and tradeshows.

How do you cut labels?

We use a special printer and cutting machine that follows the precise shape and size of your label design. The machine cuts through the surface to the backing. Each sticker is then carefully removed and inspected. The labels are printed on an easy to bend and peel backing paper for convenient application.

How much does it cost to print labels?

The cost for 200 pieces of size 3” x 3” labels printed on glossy white sticker paper is 37¢ each or $73.94 total. The more you order, the lower the cost per unit. You can get an instant quote using the order calculator. Just indicate your preferred label size, material, quantity, and printing turnaround

How do I design custom label singles?

Follow these easy steps to print your labels with

  • Use the order calculator on the label page to indicate the size, material, and quantity of your print order. After, click “Upload Your Artwork”.
  • Upload the file from your computer and select your preferred proofing method. Then click “Add to Cart”.
  • Review your order details and click “Checkout Now”. Then follow the rest of the checkout and billing process.

How do I use label templates?

We have free label templates you can use to design your layout. These are blank downloadable guidelines that indicate the label bleed, trim, and safety zone specifications. Using our guideline templates can eliminate pre-press problems and keep your print job on schedule. Just choose your preferred design software application and select your label size from the list.

How soon can you deliver my label singles?

Our fastest printing turnaround for labels is in one (1) business day. This means that if you upload your pre-press files and confirm your order by 8 p.m. ET, your order will print that evening and ship from our facility in 24 hours. Printing turnaround time only covers weekdays and does not include weekends, holidays, and shipping transit time.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: