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Curved Pop-Up Display

  • Attractive marketing material for events
  • High-quality printing on polyester fabric
  • Choose between grommets and pole pockets
8 ft. (90 x 89)
8.8 oz. Tension Fabric
Front Only
Coupon code LOVEPOPUPS is applied.
Promo Price $838.86

Curved Pop-Up Displays to Elevate Your Events

Look professional and gain more attention at trade shows and conventions with curved pop-up displays. Made of an ingenious pop-up mechanism and anelastic polyester fabric that snaps on with Velcro, curved pop-up displays are a definite game-changer for your large-scale advertising. Their practicality and cost-effectiveness will smash your ROI targets.

Curved pop-up displays instantly improve any space. They’re not only suitable for events but they also work perfectly for promotional display stands. Set them up in office lobbies, schools, and high-traffic locations to gain more attention.

Each pop-up graphic display order with an aluminum frame comes in a soft canvas bag for easy transportation.

Dominate Trade Shows With Velcro Pop-Up Displays

Quick and easy to assemble, Velcro pop-up displays let you put up trade show backdrops in just a few minutes. You’ll keep adding marks on the win column because these displays are:

Long-Lasting Displays - Print your graphic on stretchable but highly durable 8.8 oz tension fabric that’s also washable and scratch-resistant.

Large-Scale Backdrops - Include more text and images in your design with the 96" x 89" or 120" x 89" size options.

Luminous Pop-Up Stands - Add two LED lights so people will see your display from afar or in dimly-lit areas.

Your pop-up display stand also comes with an easy-carry soft canvas bag. Print your curved Velcro pop-up display at discounted prices today. Upload your design to get started and our resident print geeks will check your file for free to make sure it’s ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I receive my curved pop-up displays?
A: This depends on your printing turnaround and shipping time. Using the order calculator, select your preferred turnaround time, and input your ZIP code to get the estimated delivery dates and shipping costs.

Q: Can I print on both sides of my pop-up display?
A: Yes, you can print on both sides of your display. Just select this option on the Printed Side dropdown in the order calculator

Q: Can I use my washer to clean tension fabric?
A: Yes. Be sure to use cold water and mild laundry detergent when washing the material. To dry, hang them up or attach them to the display frame. Do not put the tension fabric in the clothes dryer as this may affect the size.

Download FREE Curved Velcro Pop-Up Display Layout Templates

Click the link of the size and specifications you want to download the ZIP file containing the layout templates.