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Clear Stickers

  • Clean transparent look
  • Resists water, oil, and refrigeration
  • Easy to apply
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clear stickers

Get a Clear Advantage

Be transparent and show what matters. Clear Stickers give your brand a clean, “no-label” look that’s perfect for packages, bottled drinks, and food jars. Get the die-cut feel without the added cost. These stickers are waterproof and can withstand extreme changes in temperature.

The Clear-Cut Choice

Stickers that crumble under the pressure of extreme temperatures reflect poorly on a brand. Our clear stickers are made of clear BOPP material that withstands the elements, be it heat or refrigeration. The stickers are also water, oil, and chemical resistant, ensuring your brand maintains a pristine look.

Choose between gloss or matte lamination for the finishing touch. Gloss lamination adds a shiny sheen perfect for indoor use while a matte finish lends a more muted texture.

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