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Bulk Stickers

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  • 2-day printing turnaround
  • Custom sizes available
  • Variety of adhesive material options
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Replenish Your Sticker Supply in One Go With Our Bulk Custom Stickers

Save more time and money when you restock your sticker supply by ordering bulk custom stickers. Enjoy big savings when you order custom sticker printing in large quantities: the more stickers you order, the less you’ll spend per piece.

You can use our bulk stickers for practically anything and any surface. Use them to label your product packaging, seal your invitations, or as giveaways in your store, at events and conferences. With an eye-catching design, these stickers can be the perfect complement to boxes, pouches, bottles, and paper bags.

Bulk stickers ensure that when the time comes to get the word out, your brand is ready. Plan ahead, customize, and print bulk stickers that are always on-hand when needed.

Customizing our bulk custom stickers is easy. We offer a wide range of sizes and several standard shapes. Order up to 100,000 bulk stickers to label fast-selling items such as jars, boxes, or bottles.

Create the design of your stickers online with our online design tool or download our free,?easy-to-customize templates. If you have an artwork ready, just upload it on our website. We can send you a PDF proof that you need to approve before we begin printing your stickers.

A Variety of Sturdy Sticker Materials

Choose the material that works best for your sticker application. White premium sticker paper is recommended for indoor use while vinyl is UV and water-resistant, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) is resistant to water, oil, and moisture, so it’s great for products that are stored in the fridge. Textured paper, on the other hand, adds an elegant touch to your packaging. That’s why it’s popular as labels for various products including wine.

Choose Between Cut-to-Size and Roll Labels

Durability is important for bulk stickers because of the high quantities of each order. 48HourPrint’s adhesive materials are made to last and guaranteed consistent high-quality with each sticker.

Cut-to-size stickers are individually cut and have a crack-and-peel backing for easy application. Choose between 70 lb. label and 4 mil. white vinyl for the sticker material to best suit your business and product needs.

Roll stickers are the best option for bulk. A roll fits most standard label machines for quick application especially for plenty of products. More material options are available for roll stickers – choose from white premium sticker, BOPP, and textured adhesive material.

Confirm by 8 p.m. ET and your order is guaranteed to ship in 48 hours – or it's free. Gary and our friendly print geeks are ready to answer your printing related concerns. Call us at 800-844-0599, from Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order sample stickers?

We recommend you request a free sample kit, which includes all our popular products and materials to help you compare and decide which would work best for your project.

Do you pack your stickers in sets?

You can choose to bundle 50 or 100 stickers in one set and then we’ll wrap them with a protective clear plastic film. This helps make distribution and inventory easier for you.

What is the most durable sticker material?

Our toughest, thickest sticker stock is 4 mil. vinyl. It is coated with UV-resistant and waterproof coating that make vinyl stickers last even when used outdoors.

What is the difference between gloss and matte coating?

Both offer additional protection for your stickers, but they differ in aesthetic effect. Gloss coating not only adds a layer of sheen to your design, it also boosts saturation and vibrance. This is a great option for colorful graphics. Matte coating is the opposite, lending a subdued effect. It is recommended for darker colors and minimalist, elegant branding. Since it does not reflect light, it’s perfect for text-heavy designs.

If I place a large order for custom stickers, will printing time take longer?

No, our standard printing time will remain at 3 or 6 business days depending on the type of stickers that you order.

Bulk Stickers Template

Select your preferred sticker size below to download a ZIP file containing templates formatted in that particular size: