Legible Font Scale Readability and CMYK Offset Printing

Making sure that very small print works well in the design is your job — holding thin lines on small type and making it look great in the final CMYK printed piece is ours. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when your design features very small print to ensure your quality designs print as expected.

The type size of text in relation to its surroundings is critical for readability. Here is a typical font scale with black text on a white background.

Notice, as the type face gets smaller, parts of the font tend to fade away. Thin, script typefaces at small sizes are even harder to hold in the CMYK printing process.

There is simply not enough color dot information to accurately make up and hold the line. Thin fonts around 4-7 point are hard to read.

When printing small colored type over an image, surrounded by color, or reversed out of a solid color, we recommend trying a larger size and:

At 48HourPrint.com, our commitment to providing high-quality printing extends to even the smallest details. When designing your next newsletters, booklets, sell sheets or brochures keep these font scale tips in mind to ensure your quality designs print as expected. Thank you for trusting us with your printing.

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