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Share your custom printing project details below or send an email to and you'll get a quote and estimated turnaround time within one business day. Got a mock-up of your idea? Upload it and our print geeks will provide advice on the best way to produce it that will save you money.

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Custom Quotes

are not covered by the 48 Hour Turnaround Guarantee. However, we find that most can be produced within 5 business days of proof approval, depending on your quantity and the number of finishing options you need.

Let our print geeks know your deadline and we'll do everything we can to meet it.

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  • Custom Quantities Custom Quantities
    Custom Quantities

    Custom Quantities

    Need a quantity that's not listed on our website? Like 525 postcards instead of 500... or more than 25,000 calendars? Whether you need a little less, a little more, or a whole lot more... get exactly what you need by requesting a custom quantity today.

    There's a small catch: Custom quantities aren't covered by the 48 Hour Turnaround Guarantee. That's because standard quantities and automated processes are part of the reason you can get fast, award-winning print quality that's a great value from

    However, we can usually take care of what you need... so let our print geeks know your deadline for your custom quantity request and we'll do everything we can to meet it. You'll hear back from us lickety-split.

    TIP: You can send us your Made 4 Me custom quote request any way you want: complete the online form, email us, call the toll-free Custom Quote Hotline at (866) 733-6417, or chat with a customer care rep who can help your fill out the form online for you.

  • Custom Sizes Custom Sizes
    Custom Sizes

    Custom Sizes

    From business cards, posters and booklets to postcards, magnets and tickets, pretty much every product can be made for you in any size you might need. You can also create stair-stepped inserts or sell sheets for your marketing kit.

    Here are a few guidelines that will help you take advantage of custom sizes at

    • If your overall coating will be Gloss or Matte and you are printing on paper, the maximum image size we can print is 24 x 36 inches and the smallest size item we can produce for you is about 1 x 1 inch (though we have done Hang Tags that are even smaller than that).
      • If you are going to apply an overall UV coating to your project, then the minimum size is about 2 x 3.5 inches (business card size)
      • If you are using 14 point Magnet paper, the smallest size we can produce is about 1 x 2 inches.
      • Bumper stickers, vinyl banners, stickers and other products have different limits. Let us know what you’d like!

    TIP: If your project is going to fold, please share with us both your dimensions – what it measures when it is spread open/flat, and its final size when it is folded. Get more advice from a friendly Customer Care rep today or send us what you have for details now.

  • Spot Varnish Spot Varnish
    Spot Varnish

    Spot Varnishes - Gloss, Dull or Satin

    You can add unique effects and highlights to your Postcards, Posters, Brochures and other projects by leveraging custom Spot Varnishes at

    Spot varnishes are basically a clear ink with reflective and protective properties that are available at in standard Dull (some call this Matte) or Gloss. Other spot varnish formulations are available (like Satin, which is in-between Dull and Gloss) – just ask. The ink is applied in the shape or pattern you provide.

    Popular requests include applying a spot varnish to a logo or design element or creating an eye-catching contrast by applying a spot varnish in a pattern (like gloss spot varnish stripes or circles applied over an overall matte finish). Graphic designers can do amazing tricks with this stuff!

    Spot Varnishes are applied like PMS Spot Colors, so you will need to prepare and upload a vector image file that shows the shape or pattern you wish to apply as a Spot Varnish to your piece; we will use that file to make the Spot Varnish plate for your project.

    • Enhance your project by adding shine, depth or a dramatic contrast to a portion of your piece.
    • Apply a Gloss Spot Varnish pattern (like swirls, hearts or other pattern) over an overall matte coating to increase appeal and value of your marketing piece – our free Sample Pack has a great example of this (check out the Print Geek postcard).
    • Or instead apply a Matte Spot Varnish to an overall Gloss coating. The contrast provides a professional, memorable look.

    TIP: Talk with a friendly customer care rep for more information or advice about how to achieve the look you want.

  • Die Cutting Die Cutting
    Die Cutting

    Die Cutting

    Get attention-getting effects by taking advantage of Die-Cutting, one of the most popular Made 4 Me requests.

    Our Ohio and Arizona print shops have binderies, providing you with all kinds of bells and whistles, including the ability to die-cut funky corners on your piece, punch-out shapes like hearts, stars, a beer bottle or a house, or add business card slits to any product.

    You can get die-cuts on all kinds of products printed on our standard papers. Our maximum sheet size for die-cutting is 22 x 30 inches (some projects can be done up to 25 x 35), minimum sheet size is 2 x 3 inches, and the smallest size die-cut we can do is a 1/8" (0.125 inch) circle. Popular requests include:

    • Custom Pocket Folders – applying shapes (like waves), punch-outs, or creating half-moon or vertical slits for attaching business cards or CD products to the folder.
    • Custom Hang Tags – custom corners applied, punch-out shapes, slots for hanging at point of purchase, and more.
    • Adding business card slits or half moons to brochures or other products.
    • Blinged-out business cards, flyers and postcards with all kinds of corners and punched-out shapes (endless possibilities).

    When sending us your project info, please upload a vector image file that will be used to make your custom die. It should show the dimensions and position of your desired die-cut shape. Keep 1/8" (0.125 inch) clearance from edges, spines, or other elements. If this sounds like gobbledygook to you, one of our friendly print geeks can walk you through this.

    TIPS: Want to die-cut other substrates like bumper stickers or stickers? You can get that done at using kiss-cuts – talk with a customer care rep about it. Also, we can catalog and safely store a collection of your dies for you if you plan to re-order often – just ask.

  • Folding Folding


    You can get 8 standard brochure folding styles in 3 sizes right on our website (including Gate, Double Gate, Accordion, and fancy French Fold). But you can also get funky folds – or combinations of folds – for other products like posters, holiday cards, business cards or other Made 4 Me projects.

    Here are a few guidelines that will help you take advantage of custom folding options at

    • The smallest size we can fold down to is about 3 x 3 inches.
    • The maximum sheet size we can fold cost-effectively is 21 x 33 inches (you can have multiple folds); we can go up to 28 x 40 for some projects.
    • Provide us a mock-up or sketch of your folding idea when you send your project information.

    Popular requests include folding a brochure in a French Fold and then applying a Tri-Fold to it (great for maps) or doing a Single Fold (some call this a Half Fold) and then applying a Double Parallel fold to it. We’ve also done funky projects, including an Iron Cross fold and a 9 Panel Roll Fold.

    TIPS: If you need to fold thicker stocks (like 14 point cover), you'll want to request Scoring to reduce the risk of cracking along the spine of your piece. We can provide you with a "folding dummy" – a mock-up of your planned project that shows the fold (using the paper you’ve selected).

  • Scoring Scoring


    Scoring is the stamping of a crease in paper that indicates the position of the fold that also helps make a crisp, precise fold — it keeps your folded edges neat and straight, and helps prevent cracked edges along the spine of your piece.

    Scoring is most often used with Folding for Holiday Cards, Folded Cards, and other products when's thicker paper stocks are used, specifically: 80# Cover, 14 point (C1S or C2S), and 100# Opaque Smooth Cover Uncoated.

    Other popular products for scoring requests are Hang Tags (so they can be folded) and Postcards (that are being used as handouts, not mailed).

    When sending us your Made 4 Me custom scoring request, let us know if you would like your pieces:

    • Scored and Shipped Flat — you will do the final fold yourself; your pieces will be shipped to you flat, not folded but with a score/crease that will make hand-folding easier for you.
    • Scored and Folded — where the piece will come to you neatly scored and with its final fold completed for you.
  • Binding Binding


    All magazines, catalogs, booklets and other multi-page products on our website come saddlestitched for you — bound along the longest dimension with 2 staples on the spine.

    But sometimes you need something a little different... get a Made 4 Me Custom Quote when:

    • You want your saddlestitched project bound on the short side of your piece and/or you have more than 48 pages (over our "standard" limit set for 48 Hour Turnaround).
    • You want to bind items into other items — for example, bind a Buckslip, Business Reply Device or Order form into your magazine, catalog or booklet.
    • You'd like an alternate binding option like Plastic Spiral Binding, classy Twin Loop Wire-O Binding or Perfect Binding. See below for details.


    Saddlestitch Binding: Bound with 2 standard silver staples on the spine. Maximum finished size is 9 x 12 inches; minimum finished size is about 4 x 5 inches. While we've stapled up to 80 pages for projects, for best results we suggest a maximum of 56 pages for saddlestitching.

    Spiral Plastikoil Binding (also called Coil): Notebook style, it can lay flat when open, with the ability to fold back a full 360 degrees. Plastic spiral binding comes in a variety of colors, the most popular are black, white, clear, gray, silver, gold, orange, purple, yellow, brown and lots of blues and reds. Spiral binding is lightweight, durable and flexible.

    Wire-O/ Twin Loop Wire Binding: Oh, it just looks so cool and professional but it does cost a bit more. This sturdy binding has a series of gorgeous double loops resulting in a distinctive look. Popular color choices are black, white, pewter and gold. Other colors include red, yellow, green and blue. This is pretty much the best binding you can get, but not everyone can afford it.

    Perfect Binding: This binding looks like a paperback book, with the pages and cover held together in place with adhesive glue. You need a minimum of 16 pages for this binding method, and it is a great choice when you have too many pages to staple or you want a "workbook look." Anything under 1/8" spine thickness (about 25 sheets of 100# text paper), you get a rounded spine.

    TIPS: If Wire-O or Spiral Plastikoil Binding, keep a 3/8" (0.375 inch) clear zone on the binding edge so your graphics don't get punched/bound (unless you want them to). We can provide you paper dummies that illustrate your planned binding – just ask a friendly customer care rep.

  • Perforations Perforations


    Create an engaging, detachable element like a business card, ticket or reply card with perforations — tiny slits applied to paper in a line or pattern to allow a portion to be torn off by your customer, donor or prospect without wrecking the rest of your piece. Please note that our standard Tickets already come with a free optional perforation. Cool, huh?

    You can get single or multiple perforations on anything from brochures, calendars and sell sheets to business cards, holiday cards and flyers. Think coupons, business reply devices, order forms, Refer-A-Friend promos or raffle tickets. Popular perforation requests include:

    • Adding a perf on a fold of a brochure.
    • Creating coupons using multiple perforations (sell sheets, catalogs, calendars, flyers and other popular products).
    • T- or L-shaped perforations, and much more.

    When sending your Made 4 Me Custom Quote request, please include a mock-up or sketch that shows where you want your perforation(s) placed on your product.

    TIP: You can get a paper dummy that simulates the planned placement of your perforations on the paper you have selected – just ask.

  • Mailing Services Mailing Services
    Mailing Services

    Mailing Services

    Get your printed pieces mailed to your customers, prospects or donors using's convenient mailing services that take the hassle and stress out of these projects for you. We take care of thousands of direct mail projects every year, from postcards and brochures to magazines and catalogs. is a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association and the DMA Nonprofit Federation. Here are a few highlights about mailing services available to you:

    • CASS Certification – Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification improves deliverability of your mail pieces by evaluating address-matching tools, especially making sure those ZIP+4, carrier route and other helpful delivery information that appear on your mailing are as good as they can get so more of your mail winds up in the right mailboxes. It adds information that may be missing from your addresses, fixes common misspellings, standardizes street addresses and more.
    • NCOA Verification (Forwarding) – National Change of Address (NCOA) verification is a service that helps make sure you don’t waste postage sending mail to the wrong address. This system "cleans up" and updates your mail list with address corrections that are present in the database for individual, family, and business moves. Saves you time, money, and helps keep your customer database shiny and clean.
    • Presorting – Basically organizing your mailing by ZIP codes in order to get you the best rates and discounts on your postage.
    • Inkjetting Only services – Option that allows you to have us take care of presort (so you can save postage) and inkjetting the addresses from your mail list onto your pieces. But we then ship the project back to you with the appropriate USPS paperwork you need so you can mail the pieces yourself. Many customers use this option when they have their own indicia, are looking to save on taxes, and/or want to personally ensure their mail pieces get to the post office.
    • Rented Mailing Lists – We can generate a targeted mailing list for you based on specific demographics you need (residential or commercial).

    TIPS: Your quote will NOT include postage costs; that will be calculated for you when you verify your recipient list. Talk with a friendly customer care rep for more information about preparing your mailing project so you get the best postage rates and services you need.

    "48HourPrint makes the process easy. We simply go online, upload our postcard templates and lists, and they do the rest."

  • Scratch Tabs Scratch Tabs
    Scratch Tabs

    Scratch Tabs / Scratch-Off Labels and Coins

    Scratch Tabs add an engaging, interactive element to your printed piece that may help increase your response rates and make your project memorable. Scratching off the special ink on these Tabs reveals the hidden information printed under it.

    Also known as Scratch-Off Coins, Scratch-Off Labels, Scratch & Win or Scratch & Reveal labels, these devices are an awesome way to way to conceal numbers, discounts, prizes, messages, a code word or winning number and even PIN numbers. Great for games, contests, raffles and more.

    The clear Scratch-Off labels come with a postal-approved Silver or Gold opaque film that can be scratched off with a coin. They are applied to your piece after it is printed by our automated machines. You can get them in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can apply multiple labels to your piece. We recently did a Postcard project that has 5 scratch-off labels.

    Here are some details about Scratch-Tab options available to you at

    • Standard colors: Gold and Silver (postal approved scratch-off coatings); the surface has a dull/matte quality (they are not "shiny" metallics). Additional custom colors may be available – let us know what you need.
    • Standard shapes and sizes: Circles (1" or 1.25" diameter), Rectangles (2 x 1) and Squares (1 x 1).
    • Placement and Tolerances: Send us your project specs for details, but in general we can apply up to three 1" diameter Scratch-Off Tabs spaced about 1/2" (0.5 inch) apart in one pass through our equipment. Leave 1" (1 inch) of clear space along all edges of your piece. You should account for about a 1/4" (0.25 inch) placement tolerance area for the image you are printing beneath the coin.
    • Paper/Stock Limitations: Because they are on rolls of laminated film and applied after your project is already printed, you can get Scratch-Tabs placed on any standard paper we have at However, for best results, we would advise you to avoid Uncoated paper.

    How Can I Use Scratch Off Labels and Coins? Tradeshow giveaways, retail in-store promotions, fundraising events, raffles, fun games and promos at your local nightclub or bar, postcard mailers, employee incentives, thank you gifts, fan appreciation events and much more. Prizes can be anything from a special discount, a free drink, free trial or anything else you can think of.

  • Numbering Numbering


    Numbering is perfect for event tickets, concert seating, raffles and fundraising events. For our popular Tickets, you can order standard Numbering services right here. But if you need some different options, or if you’d like to apply inkjet numbering sequences to other products like Hang Tags or Sell Sheets, get a Made 4 Me custom quote.

    Here are a few highlights of inkjet numbering services at

    • Fonts: Minimum point size is 9 pt (for readability) and maximum about 144 pt. Times New Roman is the standard font we use, but many others are available, from Arial to Wingdings – just ask.
    • Numbering Ink Colors: Available in Red or Black ink. If you need another color, please ask.
    • Positions/Multiple Numbering Sequences: You can number multiple areas on your piece – either with the same numbering sequence (often done for seating tickets or raffle tickets so the detached stubs carry the same data that's on the "master" ticket) or different code schemes in each spot (for example, a randomized number in one location and an alphanumeric code in the other).
    • Clear Area: For most projects, we suggest leaving a 1/4" x 1 (0.25 inch by 1 inch) clearance area for us to apply your numbering if you are going with a standard 12 point Times New Roman font. We can walk you through additional specifications once we get a better understanding of what you’re looking to do.
    • Numbering/inkjetting data on additional products: We apply numbering to our Tickets all the time, but you can also get numbering applied to other products, like Hang Tags, Sell Sheets and CD/DVD Products. Minimum sheet size we can number is 4 x 5 inches and maximum is 18 x 20 inches, but we can also print your items several-up on a sheet to accommodate your numbering needs – send us your request and we’ll take care of you.

    Please provide a mock-up that shows where you'd like numbering applied (in one position or several) and in a separate document indicate the numbering sequence(s) you need – including a start/stop number if applicable, or an Excel sheet that contains a more complex numbering sequence, such as alphanumeric or a concert seating chart with gates, rows, and seat numbers. (You do not need to add any numbers to your design file.) If you need help, call or chat with one of our friendly print geeks.

    TIP: Avoid selecting Uncoated paper stock for your numbering project. It just doesn't look as good (ask a customer care rep for more advice).

  • Wafer Seals Wafer Seals
    Wafer Seals

    Wafer Seals

    Wafer Seals, also called Wafer Tabs, are small adhesive tabs used to keep folded products closed shut, typically so that they can be safely mailed through the postal service's equipment and get to your customers, donors, prospects or family in one piece.

    For your mailing projects at, standard postal-approved translucent, non-perforated, 1" diameter Wafer Seals are used to prepare your Brochure, Booklet, Folded Card, Catalog, Magazine or other item for mailing, following the required regulations that apply to your project.

    Most mailed pieces currently require 3 wafer seals, 2 on the long dimension and 1 on the short (though the exact number and placement will depend on your dimensions, weight of your piece, and the paper used).

    If you are not mailing your project and want different Wafer Seals, like cool clear ones with perforations, just ask. We can apply three 1" diameter Wafer Seals, spaced about 1/2" (0.5 inch) apart, in one pass through our equipment. And if you need more, we can do multiple passes.

    TIP: recently put together an awesome 7-minute educational video on the 2013 Folded Self Mailer (FSM) USPS changes that affected wafer tabbing that might help you!

  • Rounded Corners Rounded Corners
    Rounded Corners

    Rounded Corners

    Take advantage of Rounded Corners to get your designs noticed in a sea of typical square pieces. Many products like Business Cards, Bookmarks, Hang Tags, Rack Cards, and Postcards can be ordered with standard Rounded Corners right on our main website (no need for a Custom Quote). Our standard radius is 1/4" (0.25 inches).

    One of the most common Made 4 Me requests is for rounding on Postcards With Mailing Services... as these must have 1/8" (0.125 inches) rounded radius to pass postal regulations.

    So if you need something a little different – like rounding done on just one dimension of your piece, or on a product like Flyers, Buckslips, or Tickets (where you don't see the option listed on our website), just pop us a request today.

    TIP: If your piece is very small (under 1.5 inches square), we'll need to apply a 1/8" (0.125 inches) rounded radius to produce it for you.

  • Hole Drilling Hole Drilling
    Hole Drilling

    Hole Drilling

    Hole drilling (or hole punching) makes your products more useful – allowing your customers to easily hang your calendars on the wall, for hang tags to be attached to products or displayed at point of sale, or sell sheets to be 3-hole punched so you can put them in a binder.

    Our Calendars and Hang Tags come with optional drill holes already... but maybe you need them placed in a different location... or applied to a different product like Postcards? Send us a Made 4 Me request and include a mock-up or sketch that shows where you want your drill holes(s) placed.

    Here are some guidelines about what you can get with custom hole drilling services at

    • Holes sizes available: 1/8" (0.125 inch), 3/16" (0.1875 inch), 1/4" (0.25 inch), and 5/16" (0.3125 inch). Need something else? Let us know.
    • 3 hole drill is typically quoted as 5/16" hole size and 1/8" is our standard hole size for hang tags (let us know if you need a different diameter).
    • Yes, you can drill multiple holes – send us a mock-up or sketch.
    • Substrate restrictions: We do not drill holes in labels, stickers, bumper stickers or magnets at this time. Consider a custom die-cut or kiss-cut instead to achieve your desired effect on these substrates.
  • Shrinkwrapping Shrinkwrapping


    Leverage shrinkwrapping at to organize and protect your pieces or project – whether you are shipping to a warehouse, kitting/fulfillment center, local chapters or clubs for your organization, to a tradeshow or your home office.

    Need your items shrinkwrapped in different counts other than our standard bundles of 25, 50, 75 or 100 each? Let us know.

    Here are some details on available shrinkwrapping services and how you can use them via a Made 4 Me request:

    • Standard shrinkwrap material is 60 gauge protective clear plastic with air relief holes that allow your package to be sealed tighter. This material is not suited for or approved for mailing or polybagging. If you need another substrate (without air holes) or polybag thickness, just ask!
    • Minimum bundle size is 2 x 3 x 1/16" (0.0625 inches) high; maximum bundle size is 12 x 18 by 6 inches high.
    • Most popular products we shrinkwrap are flyers, postcards, brochures, sell sheets and booklets. You can also get shrinkwrapped product sets – such 30 bundles, with each one containing 50 brochures, 50 envelopes, 50 flyers and 25 calendars (or other combinations). Let us know what you need.
    • Cardboard backers/stiffeners (0.022 inch chipboard) are available to make your bundles sturdier (to reduce risk of curl or damage in transit) upon request, as are individual labels applied to each bundle. Send us your details and we’ll hook you up.
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